Get involved as an individual

Do you want to help us restore degraded and eroded land in dry climates? There are several ways in which you can help us realize this: as an individual or bring friends! We are always looking for motivated individuals that wish to make an effort for a greener world. Together we can make a difference and diminish the increasing effects of climate change!


Without your support, we couldn’t have planted this many trees in the past years. People from various walks of life have come together to donate their funds, which enabled us to keep the movement and everyone involved healthy and thriving. Your donations are of the essence to the success of Africa Wood Grow. They can be allocated to either a specific project, you are most interested in, or to the foundation, which will direct the money to the Kamiti CBO, research, or further development of the Africa Wood Grow.

``With just €750,-, we have the incredible opportunity to plant 150 trees and empower a member of the community to become a tree farmer``

Your donation

When you donate to Africa Wood Grow, your donation helps to support the following activities, but is not limited to:

  • Providing seedlings: Your donation helps to fund the production and distribution of seedlings to local farmers.
  • Building nurseries: Your donation helps to fund the construction of nurseries. These nurseries produce seedlings that are used to plant trees on example farms and on the land of local farmers.
  • Engaging with the local community: Your donation helps to fund the engagement of Africa Wood Grow with the local community. This engagement ensures that Africa Wood Grow is responsive to the needs of the local community and that the agroforestry approach is implemented in a way that benefits the community.
  • Natural regeneration: Your donation helps to naturally regenerate the landscape and increase native tree and animal species in the area.
  • Soil and water conservation: Your donation helps to conserve the water and soil in the Tiva River catchment.
  • Establishing example farms: Your donation helps to fund the establishment of example farms. These farms demonstrate the benefits of agroforestry to the local farmers, and provide them with the resources they need to adopt this approach.
  • Providing training: Your donation helps to fund the training of local farmers in agroforestry techniques.

Continue to grow

Africa Wood Grow wants to develop sustainably, and therefore donations are use in an effective and resourceful way.

Another approach towards sustainable development is that new techniques such as agroforestry are developed step by step alongside the current reality. This is important, especially when operating in a small economy. Therefore, Africa Wood Grow continues to experiment on a small scale, document the process and investigate to improve desired outcomes for different scales and stakeholders.

And, this has been working! In 2021 the trees planted together with the local community reached a survival rate of 82%. Additionally, in 2022 a total of 150 farmers have joined in total and contributed to the realization of our common vision.

Become a volunteer

If you are motivated to join our team as a volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Tell us something about yourself and add a brief motivation letter. If you already have in mind how you could be of help, make sure to let us know! We are a dynamic team that thinks outside the box when it comes to finding solutions to make the world a greener place.

Support us

Support us with a donation. Transfer your donation to
NL65 TRIO 0197 9433 73, citing Stichting Africa Wood Grow in The Hague.

The Africa Wood Grow Foundation has ANBI status, making donations tax deductible in the Netherlands.