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“Dream about a tree and start with a seed”

Africa Wood Grow is thé holistic reforestation movement that is restoring degraded land in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past decades the land has been overexploited, which has led to severe soil erosion. To address this, Africa Wood Grow is implementing agroforestry projects that enhance the livelihood resilience of the local community.

Agroforestry is an ecosystem-based farming practice that incorporates trees into agricultural cultivation. This practice diversifies and maintains agricultural production, while also providing economic, social, and environmental benefits.

So far, these agroforestry projects have been extremely fruitful. Since 2010, Africa Wood Grow has established ten-thousands of trees in the area. These trees have helped to reduce soil erosion, increase vegetation cover and animal diversity and improve soil fertility. Soil fertility particularly, has helped to increase water and food security.

The agroforestry projects implemented by Africa Wood Grow are a sustainable way to restore degraded land and improve the lives of the local community.

How we work

Every year, more farmers join our mission to create a forest-based economy. As a result, a resilient landscape is becoming more tangible.

Africa Wood Grow consists of three entities that share the same vision: restoring the natural ecological balance and creating a forest-based economy.

  • Africa Wood Grow Limited was established in 2010 through the successful creation of a private forest on The Kathome Farm owned by Roeland Lelieveld and Daniel Mutinda.
  • The Africa Wood Grow Foundation was established in 2014 to improve participation with the local community. The foundation collects donations through paid presentations, awareness-raising activities and devoted individuals and companies. These donations are directed to local farmers to implement agroforestry on their own farms, while also guiding farmers in the process of building a sustainable agricultural system.
  • The Kamiti Community Based Organisation (CBO) was created shortly after to support the foundation’s work. The CBO is a cooperation of local farmers who assist each other in the transition of their farms and give the local community a loud voice in accomplishing the common vision.



Our Vision

Africa Wood Grow a long-term reforestation movement, centered around agroforestry projects, the vision is to restore the ecological balance and create a sustainable forest- based economy in the Tiva River Basin.

Africa Wood Grow restores the ecological balance by enhancing the vegetation cover which improves soil quality and increases water availability in eroded and deforested areas. Africa Wood Grow aims to reforest 800 hectares of the basin of the Tiva River by 2030, in close cooperation with the local community. Africa Wood Grow plants a diverse range of tree species, enhance water supplies and protects nature and biodiversity.

Africa Wood Grow creates a sustainable forest-based economy e.g. through the agroforestry projects. We empower communities through local employment, knowledge exchange and capacity building. We do not desire to disturb the local economy, but rather introduce development from within. We aim to become a leader in providing a wide range of forest-related goods and services such as seedlings and timber products, through ecologically and environmentally sustainable systems.


Since 2010, Africa Wood Grow’s efforts to increase vegetation cover in the Tiva River Basin have clearly paid off, as the area has become noticeably greener. Thousands of trees have been planted by the local community, which has clearly improved soil fertility. The regreening movement has led to economical growth and job creation, as well as a more pleasant living environment for all. Consequently, several animal species, such as monkeys, squirrels, various birds, sunis, and many insects have returned to the area.

We are committed to continuing our work and restoring even more land. We believe that this is essential for the livelihood resilience of the local community and the long-term fertility of the landscape. You can support our movement here –

Total trees planted:


Families connected:


Voices of Africa Wood Grow

Contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the United Nations established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to create peace and prosperity for all individuals as well as the planet. The framework is a serious call to action for all who want to create a better future. Therefore, Africa Wood Grow has been working on implementing many Sustainable Development Goals into its vision and activities.

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The Africa Wood Grow Foundation has ANBI status, making donations tax deductible in the Netherlands.