Get involved as a company

Do you want to help us restore degraded and eroded land in dry climates? This is possible in various ways. Africa Wood Grow as a whole encourages companies and organizations to invest in a sustainable future and learn about nature. Therefore, Africa Wood Grow is open to building unique relations with companies, which best align with your company’s mission. This way we can reach mutually beneficial results together. For more information on corporations please contact us!


With a donation to Africa Wood Grow you show as a company that you are socially and ecologically involved. The donations enabled us to keep the movement and our employees healthy and thriving. Hence, without your support, we couldn’t have planted this many trees in the past years! Therefore, your donations are much needed and appreciated for future development.

Additionally, it is good to know that there can be tax benefits for companies. Donations can be tax deductible if they meet certain conditions.

Business donations
As a company, you can fully deduct a donation from taxes, if it is a business expense. However, the donation must make a positive, useful contribution to your business. For example, you may donate in the form of advertising space, sponsor us or donate working hours.

Non-business donations
A non-business donation is a donation without a business perspective. For a non-business donation, there are various rules for tax reduction. If you would like to have more information, please contact us!

With €7500,- we can plant 1500 trees so that ten members of the community can become treefarmers and our earth becomes greener!

Your donations can be allocated to:

If you want to donate to the Foundation, your donation will mainly be used for directly enhancing the livelihood resilience of the local community. Such as supplying materials, like seedlings and fencing, which are of essence for a successful agroforestry implementation. Additionally, funds given to the foundation can be used for promotional material and raising awareness on the ground about the goals Africa Wood Grow aims to achieve.

Donations directed to AWG company aims to establish essential infrastructure for landscape restoration. This includes initiatives such as establishing example farms or nurseries to showcase innovative agroforestry techniques, developing water infrastructure, or supporting farmer-managed natural reforestation. Donations can be directed towards a specific project that aligns with your company’s interests. Your donation will primarily be utilized for projects that form the basis of our organization’s work.

By donating to the Foundation or the Company, you contribute to the overall mission of Africa Wood Grow.




Support us

Support us with a donation. Transfer your donation to
NL65 TRIO 0197 9433 73, citing Stichting Africa Wood Grow in The Hague.

The Africa Wood Grow Foundation has ANBI status, making donations tax deductible in the Netherlands.